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Easter Seals Dixon Center is strengthening communities to enable our veterans and their families to thrive where they live by building partnerships, sharing innovations and connecting those who have served to supports and services.

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Dixon Center helps decision-makers find and focus on essential needs within their communities.
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Our Focus

Our Purpose: Enabling our veterans, and their families to thrive; where they live.

Today’s veterans come home to a nation that thanks them for their service, but in reality these vets come home to families, neighbors and communities who, while grateful, also expect them to pick up where they left off.

But after the welcome wears off, vets find themselves scattered across the U.S. And therein lies the challenge: the resources available to veterans are scattered throughout communities and few organizations are available to match the service member and his/her family with the local resources available to them.

Easter Seals Dixon Center builds partnerships, shares innovations and connects those who have served through collective impact initiatives in their local communities. We look at not only the current challenges facing veterans and their families but also seek to anticipate and meet future needs.

Under the leadership of Colonel David Sutherland, U.S. Army (Ret.) and Kim Mitchell, Easter Seals Dixon Center’s network of 20,000+ organizations and like-minded individuals, serving 560+ communities, builds national reach while advancing local impact.

The Stanford Social Innovation Review said that “working with communities is the solution to advancing a ‘whole of society’ collective impact.” What does this mean? It means that communities must create change that looks at entire systems rather than just one organization. Here’s how Easter Seals Dixon Center brings innovative solutions to enable veterans and their families:

  • Advise and assist social, private and public sector decision-makers on how to find and focus on essential needs within their communities;
  • Help communities mobilize partners and resources to support educational and employment endeavors in addition to health, finance, legal and housing requisites;
  • Facilitate effective solutions in communities -- solutions that can be shared broadly to strengthen collective impact; and
  • Build capacity and expand direct services -- locally through Easter Seals and nationally through the collective Sea of Goodwill.

Staff Sergeant Donnie D. Dixon

Staff Sergeant Donnie D DixonStaff Sergeant Donnie D. Dixon was a career soldier -- a husband, father and son -- who was killed during his second tour of duty in Iraq. He talked about joining the military almost from the time he said his first words, and on his 18th birthday, he left for boot camp. At age 37, Dixon died in Baloor, Iraq, of wounds suffered when insurgents attacked his unit. His mother said, "he died doing what he always wanted to do ... serve his country."

The Staff Sergeant Donnie D. Easter Seals Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Community Services honors the service and sacrifice of Staff Sergeant Dixon by addressing the urgent needs of military service members and veterans, their families, and the families of the fallen.