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Our Work

Vixon Center Model of Excellence:Easter Seals Dixon Center Model of Excellence

Download our overview of Easter Seals Dixon Center (PDF).

Health care, employment and education solutions working together and problem solving holistically are what we describe as Easter Seals Dixon Center’s “Model of Excellence.” We believe that the thousands of organizations focused on our veterans, active military and their families will do more good, waste fewer resources and be more relevant by working together and collaborating across the model of excellence.

Why Easter Seals Dixon Center?

Easter Seals Dixon Center is changing the conversation about veterans and military families to highlight their potential and create life-changing opportunities.

  • As the wars recede from the minds of the American public, we cannot forget about veterans and military families.
  • We recognize and embrace the talents of veterans and military families, whose needs are evolving, not disappearing.
  • There is only so much that government can do, and the current “stovepipe” approach of many organizations that focus on a specific demographic lacks reach and staying power.

What We Do

Easter Seals Dixon Center is the “go to” resource for veterans, military families, employers and organizations that want veterans reach their potential and participate fully in their communities.

  • We help veterans and military families know where to go and how to get assistance.
  • We are the #1 service provider for people in need, serving 1.6 million people annually.
  • 88.1 percent of all giving goes to programs.
  • The national CLASSY Awards named us a 2014 finalist as Most Impactful Organizations for Veterans and Military Families.

How We Do It

We work nationally and locally to break down barriers and connect individuals and organizations with easily accessible solutions veterans and military families need to access meaningful employment, education, and healthcare.

  • Easter Seals Dixon Center is the military and veterans arm of Easter Seals, which has been supporting all generations of veterans since World War II.
  • We identify gaps in service and work with partners to fill those unmet needs.
  • To date we have trained more than 20,000 caregivers through a partnership with the Veterans Administration.
  • 7,000 veterans and military families have been served via Community OneSource.

Where We Do It

In communities across the country, Easter Seals affiliates deliver services that veterans and military families need to live productive, successful lives.

  • Veterans come home to families and community, so serving them must be a community undertaking.
  • Our 72 affiliates serve 550 community-based service sites in every state across America.

Why Work With Us?

ESDC’s national credibility and community-based reach provide an unmatched resource enabling our veterans and military families to succeed where they live. 

  • General public: Join us to change the dialogue about veterans and military families.
  • Donors: ESDC is the only organization with the national and community reach and credibility to affect change in the lives of our veterans and military families. 
  • Donors: Be a catalyst to make a difference in the quality of life for veterans and military families.
  • Veterans/Military families: If you need assistance, ask us. 
  • Affiliates: You’ve probably been working with veterans and military families for years; they have the same needs as those you currently serve.  It’s simple to include them in your existing programs.
  • Non-profits/potential partners: Veterans and military families have the same needs as those you serve. It’s simple to include them in your existing programs.